We have built our reputation on integrity and honesty, and we have been developing long lasting relationships with our clients since 1984.No matter what your project may be, our team of master craftsmen will get it done quickly, efficiently, and with your budget in mind.

We are fully licensed and insured and we guarantee all our work so you can be assured your project will be done right!!!

This is what separates our company from all others.  Paul Joseph and Tony Georgakis personally supervise your project from start to finish.  All workmen in your home always be employees or licensed subcontractors, no day labor is ever used, so that you can feel comfortable with our crews in your home.  We treat it like it is our own.

If one were to research the horror stories of the public when dealing with remodeling or building contractors, three things would surface as being the main reasons for such stories:

1. The customer hired the cheapest contractor, yet for some reason expected to get the workmanship, accommodation, warranty, and general services of a “professional.” It just doesn’t happen.

2. The entire project lacked perpetual and informative communications.

3. Ambiguous specifications, so the owner thought they were getting “A” but the contractor had “B” in mind, and estimated the project based upon “his” interpretation of the scope of work and important details.

4. The owner supplied some materials, yet expected the contractor to guarantee them, and their installation. That’s like taking a set of tires that you bought to your car dealer for installation and expect him to guarantee them.

No such happenings occur with us. We detail everything, have a “system” for exceptional communications and frankly, charge a sufficient price so we can provide what you expect and are paying.

We will work green whenever possible.

“...Let me just say that I LOVE my new bathroom!...”
Joe Ponzo

“...You, Adam ,Tony, and  Dave have just completed a muti-faceted renovation in my home....”

Pat and Frank

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As kids we were taught to be nice, be fair, and be honest. Some things shouldn’t change as we become adults. In fact, a key word in Precision Plus Home Improvement, Inc. culture is “ethics” - an old fashioned value we are proud of and preserved in our company. For that reason, we place an emphasis upon our desire to associate with others who have the same standards. We also daily strive for you to enjoy the experience and to be thrilled with your completed project.

  From all of us at Precision Plus Home Improvement, Inc. - Where “Ethics” is defined.
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